Circle of Gratitude

These Patrons Make My Writing Ministry Possible

Thank you so much to the following kind people who provide generous support to my writing ministry.

Patrons make my blog and other writing projects possible.

I would be honored to add your name to this list. To find out how you can support my writing ministry, follow this link and click on “Become a Patron.”

  • Andō
  • Angus McMahan
  • Ann McChesney-Young
  • Bill Hobbs
  • Bonnie L. Thomson
  • Bradford Clinard
  • Cassidy Hall
  • Cathy Flores
  • CeCe Balboni
  • Clare Openshaw 
  • Cynthia Howard
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Dan Peterson
  • Darlene Spohr
  • Darrell Grizzle
  • Donald McColman
  • Donna Brown
  • Gina Colaianni
  • Greg Wagener
  • Herbert Ely
  • Iris Emelie O. Trinidad
  • Jack Mooney
  • Jan Elvee
  • Jan S.
  • Janet Gardiner
  • Janet Gerber
  • John and Cathy Shoulders
  • Jonathon Stalls
  • Julie Cheek
  • Kate Tremblay
  • Kevin Omi
  • LaVerne K. Brown
  • Linda
  • Linda Mitchell 
  • Louis Erste
  • Margarita Noyes
  • Martin Shuck
  • Mary Montanye
  • Matthew Lipscomb
  • Nancy O’Neill
  • Nancy Stimac
  • Noel Young
  • Paul D. Hierholzer
  • Paul Wheeler
  • Richard Zelley
  • Ronald Dion
  • Thomas Foran
  • Treva H. Whichard
  • Victoria Boyle
  • William H. Eisner 

The lovely art on this page is by my friend Michael Noyes. Used by permission. Please visit to see more beautiful images and to purchase cards and prints.

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