In the School of Contemplation (Collegeville, MN: Cistercian Publications, 2015)

André Louf was the abbot of a Trappist Cistercian monastery in France for nearly thirty-five years; he is the author of several modern spiritual classics, including The Cistercian Way and Teach Us to Pray. In 2004 a French edition of this book was published, pulling together a variety of Dom André’s talks and monastic conferences on topics such as community, obedience, ecumenism, the Psalms and the Liturgy, and (of course) contemplation and the contemplative life. In “Spiritual Experience” the author gently describes how our contemporary obsession with experience needs to be grounded in discernment, prayer, and witness. The twelve chapters offer a wonderful insight into monastic formation as it takes place in our time, and invites the reader to be formed by this wisdom as we each seek our own life given to contemplation.

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