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Dear friends,

Happy new year (and here it is February already)! I’m sorry that I have been so inattentive to this blog. I’ve been finishing up the manuscript for my next book, which hopefully will be called The Little Book of Christian Mysticism (after all, since I wrote a Big Book of Christian Mysticism, it only makes sense to have a “little” book to go along with it). I’ve also been busy with my speaking ministry and also, with my wife, co-directing the RCIA Program at our Parish (RCIA is the process by which adults join the Catholic Church).

It’s an abundant life, but unfortunately it has meant that I often don’t have the time to blog as regularly as I would like. Since 2013 I have managed two blogs: my personal blog at this website, and another blog called A Contemplative Faith at Patheos. Unfortunately, when I have limited time to blog, and two blogs to manage, that means they both feel even more neglected!

For the past six months I have been praying about whether to focus my efforts on just one of the blogs. During this discernment process, I’ve received several “nudges” to encourage me to focus specifically on A Contemplative Faith. The most recent of those nudges came from the management of Patheos, requesting  that all bloggers commit to creating at least two new posts each week. Since I had been doing good to post once to Patheos and once here, it seemed clear that if I wanted to continue blogging on Patheos, that needs to be my only blog.

And so that is the decision I’ve made.

Currently I have no plans to dismantle this website, but from here on out, most if not all of my new blogging will be published on Patheos. We’ve moved all my blogging content to Patheos from this site, so if  you visit my Patheos blog, you can find all my content in one location.

What this means for you: I encourage you to visit Patheos and to sign up for my email newsletter there (there’s a sign-up box on the right-hand side of the blog’s home page: — it appears beneath the first ad in the right-hand column). That way, you will get email reminders whenever I post something new to that blog.

If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), you’ll see my new content on my pages same as ever — only all the links will point to Patheos instead of to this blog.

My writing will pretty much be the same as it ever was. Grounded in Christian mysticism and contemplative prayer, but with openness to the wisdom of others faiths, I hope to continue to invite readers, whether new or old to me, into the silence beyond words, where we may encounter the hidden face of Love.

Thanks for reading! Pray for me as I attempt to honor the commitment to blog twice a week or more! And I’ll see you over at Patheos.

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