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The Fullness of Our Destiny

by Carl McColman

I picked up a copy of an old book called The Laughter of God: At Ease With Prayer by Trappistine nun Miriam Pollard from the used book tent at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit’s Fall Festival earlier this month. It’s an insightful book which seeks to foster a sense of prayer as a means of […]

Spirituality, With or Without Religion

by Carl McColman

“I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.” It’s become such a common way of self-describing spiritual identity that observers have attacked it (“Spiritual But Not Religious”? Please Stop Boring Me), have defended it (God in the Gray Areas), have tried to reduce it to an acronym (“SBNR”) or even come up with cutesy abbreviations (Nones, since […]

Circle the World in Prayer… with Shalem

by Carl McColman

My journey into contemplative practice began at Shalem. Before I discovered the Shalem Institute in the spring of 1984, mysticism and contemplation were pretty much just topics I liked to read about. That’s not to say these topics weren’t meaningful to me, or that they did not give me a sort of intellectual spirituality that […]

Two Saturday events: in Atlanta and Richmond

by Carl McColman

If you live in or near Atlanta, GA or Richmond, VA, I hope you’ll come to one of these upcoming Saturday workshops! And even if you can’t make it, please tell your friends. And for more information about these or other events featuring Carl McColman, visit Carl’s Events Page. In Atlanta, GA: Beholding the Presence […]

Answering the Contemplative Call ebooks now available

by Carl McColman
Now available on the three most popular ebook formats.

I’m happy to announce that three different ebook versions of Answering the Contemplative Call are now available. Pick your preferred version: Kindle Version Nook Version iBooks Version And of course, if you’d rather have the old fashioned paper-&-ink version: Buy it at Amazon But it at Barnes & Noble But it at an Independent Bookstore (Online or Near […]

Dreaming the Tiger

by Carl McColman
A whale stops by to say hello

My family and I went to see Life of Pi last night. I have not (yet) read the book, but Gareth Higgins (who knows a lot more about movies than I do) says it’s one of the best novel adaptations he’s ever seen. I can only judge the movie on its own merits, and I’d […]

Practical Discipline

by Carl McColman

There was a sense of freedom in knowing that I would never run out of room to grow. There was peace in knowing the race was over. Where I was right now was just where I should be, given the amount of effort I had expended. I saw the wake behind my boat for the […]