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Contemplative Prayer in Decatur

by Carl McColman

Wow. I feel so privileged to have been part of the first contemplative gathering at First Christian Church of Decatur, Georgia. It was a very simple thing, actually. There were over 20 of us (I counted 21, but someone else said 22, maybe I forgot to count myself) gathered together in one of the education […]

The Silences of the Lamb (of God)

by Carl McColman

Speaking (or writing) about silence is an enterprise embedded in paradox; every word represents a departure from, an obstacle to, the subject at hand. Oxford don Diarmaid MacCulloch (who created a splash with his Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years) begins this improbable task of recounting the story of Christian silence by appealing to a […]

Does God = Consciousness?

by Carl McColman

A reader writes… Carl, I am a theoretical physicist by training and have struggled with the idea of supernatural concepts like God. Even so, contemplation has increased my sense of God being part of me, which I like very much. So here is my question: Do you think it is too radical to say God […]

Concerning Stillness, Songs, and Soul Friends

by Carl McColman

A reader writes: Carl, when you are sufficiently silent with the “waters stilled” how do you experience revelation. I suppose a better question would be what is your experience “there” like? Does God float into view … or does God whisper … ?? Or do you find a path to look inwardly in order to […]

Richard of St. Victor on Contemplation

by Carl McColman
An illustration of Dante's Paradise by Giovanni di Paolo. Richard of St. Victor is the second from the right (in red with a turban).

The more I read Richard of St. Victor, the more I love him. Here are a few jewels from the fifteenth chapter of Book IV of The Mystical Ark: See to it that the very time He begins to knock at the door is not the first time that you begin to want to throw […]

The Point of Mystical Writing

by Carl McColman

Now because the Holy Spirit speaks through Isaac’s mouth, the words of this thrice-blessed saint are matchless in their beauty and are fired with a divine spark. That is why, even though he writes so much, he makes a holy silence come to rest within our spirit, just as if there were no one speaking, […]

Before We Face the Monkey Mind

by Carl McColman

A reader has written to me with the following question: I make my living as a psychotherapist & most of my work is spiritually oriented counseling with Christians.  I have long been trying to introduce clients to contemplation through encouraging brief periods of silence, solitude and openness  (15-20 min).  I also taught an introductory  course […]