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Our Words, Our Breath, Our Bodies, Our Spirit

by Carl McColman

Once again, Alison Leigh Lilly wows me with the elegance, beauty and insight of her writing. The fact that her most recent blog post begins with something I tweeted yesterday is not only a delight in itself for me, but her reflections in that post are so rich and relevant to concerns that I am […]

Salvation and Wellness, Holiness and Therapy

by Carl McColman

Last week when I wrote about the distinction between mindfulness meditation and contemplative prayer, one reader left this comment: I would also like to hear your comments on salvation vs therapy. I feel a bit of trepidation taking this on, for the simple reason that I am not a professional counselor, therapist, psychologist, social worker […]

Three Video Clips: Speaking of Mysticism in Portland, OR

by Carl McColman

Here are three brief excerpts from a talk I gave in Portland, OR, in October 2010 on the topic of Christian mysticism. They were filmed and produced by Cathy Zheutlin of Holy Rascals — a media company that produces videos and webinars for the spiritually adventurous. In the first one, I tell an amusing story […]

Answering the Contemplative Call ebooks now available

by Carl McColman
Now available on the three most popular ebook formats.

I’m happy to announce that three different ebook versions of Answering the Contemplative Call are now available. Pick your preferred version: Kindle Version Nook Version iBooks Version And of course, if you’d rather have the old fashioned paper-&-ink version: Buy it at Amazon But it at Barnes & Noble But it at an Independent Bookstore (Online or Near […]

A shout out to Evelyn Underhill and her wonderful book

by Carl McColman

Over the next few weeks or so I’ll be posting four new videos on Youtube. One will be an “about me” video, one in which I talk about my three most recent books, one in which I talk about an idea I first presented at the Patheos website on “compass points for the spiritual life,” […]

Getting Started in Contemplative Practice

by Carl McColman

A reader writes: I hope you might be able to write me a quick note about a good way to get started in a more contemplative/mystical oriented Christianity.  I was involved in religious fundamentalism for most of my adult life and now I am trying to recover from that.  I am hoping you might point […]

Mysticism for those who don’t like “mysticism”

by Carl McColman

A reader writes: In the first chapter of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism you offer your sense that mysticism offers the serious practitioner the possibility of experience of God that is transforming and which then enhances the world around us. I firmly agree. But does that mean such a transformative relationship is not open […]