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Mysticism and Missing the Point

by Carl McColman

A reader named William Law (I wonder if he’s related to the author of A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life?) has not been shy about attacking the basic premise of this blog. Here are a few quotes from recent comments of his (all made to one recent post): The discussion of mysticism […]

Quote for the Day

by Carl McColman

Bede Griffiths, one of the great contemplative masters of our time, claimed that there are actually three routes to the center. You can have a near-death experience. You can fall desperately in love. Or you can begin a practice of meditation. Of the three, he said with a somewhat mischievous smile, meditation is probably the […]

Live, Laugh, Love

by Carl McColman

I have been asked to lead a retreat at the Guesthouse of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in September. The person who originally was in charge of the retreat is unable to lead it, and so I have inherited it. It is called “Live, Laugh, Love” and it sounds like it will be tremendous […]

Three Preachers

by Carl McColman

Three ministers — a Baptist, a Presbyterian, and an Episcopalian — were having lunch one day. One of them posed this hypothetical question: “If you knew you only had a week to live and could only preach one last sermon, what would your topic be?” The Baptist enthusiastically said, “I would preach on the absolute […]

Simon’s Cat

by Carl McColman

Simon’s Cat (In His Very Own Book) By Simon Tofield New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2009 Review by Carl McColman Move over, Garfield, Dewey, LOLCats, and all those adorable cats by Kliban… here come’s “Simon’s Cat,” who insinuated himself (herself?) into my heart with a huge baseball bat. Twenty-five million Youtube fans later, Simon’s irrepressible […]