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The Evelyn Underhill Rosary

by Carl McColman

I’ve just finished reading The Letters of Evelyn Underhill (which were published in 1943 and edited by Charles Williams). It’s such a wonderful book; I think anyone who is a spiritual director (or who sees a spiritual director), spiritual companion, or soul friend, would find much to treasure in this collection. Although the collection includes […]

A shout out to Evelyn Underhill and her wonderful book

by Carl McColman

Over the next few weeks or so I’ll be posting four new videos on Youtube. One will be an “about me” video, one in which I talk about my three most recent books, one in which I talk about an idea I first presented at the Patheos website on “compass points for the spiritual life,” […]

The “Overplus” of Reality

by Carl McColman

Indeed that which, beyond all else, spiritual genius never fails to give us, is  this realistic sense of the overplus of Reality; a perfection exceeding in its totality and splendor all possible human apprehension. — Evelyn Underhill, Man and the Supernatural I stumbled across the quotation from Evelyn Underhill the other day in an anthology […]

Something of the Leisure of Eternity

by Carl McColman

The action of those whose lives are given to the Spirit has in it something of the leisure of Eternity; and because of this, they achieve far more than those whose lives are enslaved by the rush and hurry, the unceasing tick-tick of the world. Otherwise we tend to forget that God, Who is greater […]

Something I wrote for

by Carl McColman offers authors the chance to write something personal about their book(s) to appear on Amazon’s website. This morning I finally wrote such a statement for The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. I thought I may as well post it here, so readers of this blog could enjoy it as well. The following text should […]

A Book for All Time

by Carl McColman

I’ve posted the text of the talk I gave in February at the “Awakening in God’s Love” conference to my website. This conference was sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta’s Institute for Ministry and Theological Education. It was a celebration of the life and work of Anglican writer and contemplative Evelyn Underhill, marking the […]