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Introduction to Christian Mysticism through Evening at Emory

by Carl McColman

I’ll be teaching Introduction to Christian Mysticism through Emory University’s Continuing Education Program. Classes meet on Monday evenings from November 5 through December 3. I hope I’ll see you there… and please tell your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.! Thank you. To register: Course Description: The renowned twentieth century German theologian Karl Rahner said, “The […]

Mysticism and Social Media?

by Carl McColman

Here’s a fascinating video, and I’d love to hear what people think about this. Although it’s aimed at business, when I watch this I wonder about what the relationship will be between social media and mystical spirituality in the years to come. Sitting in front of a computer screen isn’t exactly a traditional contemplative practice; […]

Who’s In Charge? (Purrrrrr….)

by Carl McColman

In honor of the recent news article from that reports a study which has finally scientifically proven that cats control their “owners” (I put it in quotation marks because I think it’s a coin toss as to who really owns who), I’d like to commend to you this short little video which was produced […]

Sorry, Mr. Weigel, the Cafeteria is Closed

by Carl McColman

I don’t normally venture into politics in this blog. I believe that contemplative prayer and Christian mysticism are for everyone, across the political spectrum. However, a blog post that I have just read, critiquing a prominent Catholic pundit who appears to have let his partisan politics cloud his assessment of Papal teaching, is, I believe, […]

The Future of Food

by Carl McColman

Watch this video. It may seem like an odd video to appear on a website devoted to mysticism, but think for a minute about the parable of the sower… and then compare it to what’s going on in our world today.

Douglas Kmiec on Obama and the Catholic Blogosphere

by Carl McColman

…Right-wing Catholic bloggers, acting as a thinly disguised political front for the GOP, remain fixated on the goal of precipitating an unnecessary war between the Holy See and America’s next administration. It is dismaying to see a few American prelates and their “anonymous” Vatican commentators acting as witting or unwitting coconspirators in this divisive action. […]

Congratulations, Atlanta

by Carl McColman has just named Atlanta the worst city in the United States for commuters. Here’s what they have to say: Here, in the fastest-growing city in America, more people flood the roadways than the infrastructure can handle. Commuters spend 60 hours a year stuck in traffic, second only to those in Los Angeles. If that […]