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Deep Listening

by Carl McColman

The other day when several folks gathered at a church in Atlanta to participate in the Shalem Institute’s 40th Anniversary “Circle the World in Prayer” vigil, one participant talked about a wonderful teaching she once received from Jerry May, who was a senior fellow at Shalem and the author of such classic books as Will […]

Shalem Vigil Now Underway (Please Find Time For Silence Today)

by Carl McColman

Last month I wrote about how important the Shalem Institute has been in my ongoing contemplative journey. I mentioned that this year is Shalem’s 40th anniversary, and that October 13-15 Shalem would be hosting a 40-hour contemplative prayer vigil. The vigil began last night at 7 PM eastern standard time. It runs all day today […]

Why Contemplation is Revolutionary (Conclusion)

by Carl McColman

This is the final part of a series on “Why Contemplation is Revolutionary.” If you want to start at the beginning, follow this link: The Archbishop and the Community Theologian. We’ve made our way through the quotations from Archbishop Rowan Williams and community theologian Kenneth Leech. We’ve looked at contemplation as a means for transformation. In […]

Contemplation and the Real World (Why Contemplation is Revolutionary, Part Five)

by Carl McColman

This is part of a series. If you’re just joining the conversation, begin with The Archbishop and the Community Theologian and then proceed to:  Why Contemplation is Revolutionary (Part One)   (Part Two)  (Part Three) and (Part Four). The last four posts have looked at a quote about contemplation from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Today we […]