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Where to buy my books…

by Carl McColman

My friends, please forgive me for such a blatantly commercial post. File this one under “Yes, authors have to make a living, too.” This morning someone asked me on Twitter, “Where can I buy your books?” And I realized, marketing genius that I am, that I didn’t have one centralized “where to buy” page. So […]

The Evelyn Underhill Rosary

by Carl McColman

I’ve just finished reading The Letters of Evelyn Underhill (which were published in 1943 and edited by Charles Williams). It’s such a wonderful book; I think anyone who is a spiritual director (or who sees a spiritual director), spiritual companion, or soul friend, would find much to treasure in this collection. Although the collection includes […]

“Does anyone read Thomas Merton any more?”

by Carl McColman

Yesterday I received a review copy of a beautiful new book: The Selected Essays of Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick F. O’Connell. This newly published anthology from Orbis Books includes thirty-three essays on a wide range of topics. I am confident that anyone who loves Merton, poetry, or contemplation will find much to savor here. […]

Two New Reference Books For You (or Your Library)

by Carl McColman

Mysticism — whether Christian mysticism, or comparative (world) mysticism — is a vast subject, one to which you could easily devote your life without any fear of ever mastering (or exhausting) the literature associated with it. Recently two books have crossed my desk that should prove to be invaluable for anyone seeking to study mysticism […]

Growing in Love and Wisdom

by Carl McColman

Readers of this blog know that my love and commitment to the Christian contemplative tradition is balanced by a heartfelt desire to learn more about other faiths, particularly the contemplative dimension of other traditions. Naturally, Buddhism, as a school of wisdom with many rich resources in the practice of meditation, is a particularly appealing tradition […]

Thank you, Patheos!

by Carl McColman
A spiral staircase at the Chateau d"Amboise in France, as seen on the cover of Answering the Contemplative Call.

Good morning, my friends. First of all, my apologies for leaving this blog mostly untended over the past eight weeks. It’s hard to believe it’s been (as of tomorrow) two months said my dad passed away, but it’s not so hard to acknowledge that my grief journey has been a bit deeper and more chaotic […]