Fran and Rhiannon and I were in Florida last week, and had this snapshot taken of us.

Fran McColman, Carl McColman, Rhiannon Wilburn, at Deer Park near Seagrove Beach, FL, Easter Sunday 2012.

Fran took quite a few pictures over the course of the week. Here’s one of a pelican that was flying near her one morning.

Pelican at Seagrove Beach, FL, April 2012. Photo by Fran McColman.

And for those of you who might be wondering, “hmmm, Holy Week on the beach?!?” — well, we have no control over when the school system is out for spring break! And even though we were “on vacation,” we certainly tried to keep it as, well, contemplative as possible! :-)

This week I’ll probably still be out of pocket as far as my blog is concerned… silly me, I let tax-time creep up on me. But once I get Uncle Sam (and Aunt Georgia) taken care of, I’ll be back in the blog-saddle.